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“We bought a Loonstyn Property house in March and are incredibly impressed with the workmanship of our home along with the professionalism of John himself. He is very reputable, stands behind his work, and has been very kind and generous in making sure any small issues are fixed immediately. As a builder, he could easily tell us, the home owners, that any small issue is our problem but instead he graciously helps. His work is excellent as are the men who he employs, he’s very kind, and we’re very happy and proud homeowners in Fairmount!”

– Erika Kaplan

“I lived at 2333 Fairmount Avenue for two years. It was newly built when I moved in and beautiful! Beautiful hardwood floors and up-to-date appliances. It was a smaller building so it felt more like a community then just a building. Kim and Mike were wonderful. So responsive and always kind. I would highly recommend a Loonstyn Property!”

– Holli Bott

“Loonstyn Properties are quality properties with attentive owners.”

– Joseph Bernstein